Keynote Skier

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‘Keynote Skier’ is a 6 month project showcasing the skills of Phil ‘B-Dog’ Casabon and friends in a blend of various aspects within skiing. Inspired by music, the hip hop genre is this case, this movie creates a union between visual and auditive senses in order to give each image identity and value. This particular soundtrack is the piece of work from a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, U-God.
Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Phil Casabon will go on tour this fall with his movie across North America in September and October along with Henrik Harlaut and his movie ‘Road to Zion’. Then both movies will release online end of October!


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Rating Name Videos Nation
167 Phil Casabon 8 Канада
64 Henrik Harlaut 14 Швеция
113 Mike Hornbeck 10
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