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TURN/ПОВОРОТ: a new Russian video project by Quiksilver and Unity Films in association with Nissan, Svyaznoy Travel and Helipro

Two years of searching and exploring the new snow regions of Planet Earth, epic performance by the best Russian snowboarders and the world-known stars in the most decent mountains, high quality shooting and editing — the new action film by Andrew Pirumov is going to become a historical moment in Russian snowboarding. The movie will hit the screens in November, 2015.

TURN features the best Russian riders from all over the enormous country: Maxim Balakhovskiy, Andrey Moskvin, Artem Teymurov, Yura Chemodurov, Evgeniy Ivanov, Artem Sheldovitskiy, and others. Additional parts were filmed in India with Nicolas Muller and Fredi Kalbermatten.

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