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A group of intergalactic aliens stranded on a frozen planet just looking for a good time.
Featuring: Jake O.E., Jeremy Jones, Joe Sexton, Jake Welch, JP Walker, Spencer Schubert, Zak Hale, Benny Urban, Mark Wilson, Justin Fronius, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Cantin, Jed Anderson
Supported by: Vans, Woodward, Salomon, Ride, Public, Monster, K2, Howl, Holden, DC, Burton, Ashbury
Media Partner: Snowboarder Magazine
The Videograss crew brings you VISITORS. This project began in December of 2015 and will be spanning 1.5 years to be released early February of 2017. Following the release of VISITORS we will be on the road for February bringing the crew and movie to a resort near you with our Resort/Premiere tour. Stay tuned for dates and stops.


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Rating Name Videos Nation
19 Jeremy Jones FS 20 США
61 JP Walker 14 США
172 Joe Sexton 7 США
186 Benny Urban 7 Германия
188 Jake Welch 7 США
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