When the Mountains Where Wild

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On the search for mountain wilderness in Europe a crew of five snowboarders/skiers/filmmakers drove down from Austria through several Balkan countries and witnessed the debris of the Yugoslavian war for the first time. Their destination was the incredibly beautiful and wild Valbona Valley where time had seemed to stand still for a long time. After studying vague maps, checking weather conditions they found themselves on a 25km hike to a promising looking zone in the heart of these mountains and came to a stop in a little abandoned shepherd hut. Six days of heavy snowstorm later the crew woke up in Freeride heaven and enjoyed a well-earned magic day in the snow. Watch the movie and see what more craziness our team faced on this wonderful journey.
Freeriding off the beaten tracks!


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246 Mitch Tolderer 5 Австрия
474 Johannes Hoffmann 2 Австрия
940 Klaus Zwirner 1 Австрия
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