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Henrik Harlaut

Birthday: 1991-Aug-14
Nation:  Sweden
Web: http://hharlaut.com/
Tags: jibbing ньюскул


Оптика - Oakley
Лыжи - Armada
Обувь - Full Tilt

Henrik Harlaut

Henrik Harlaut is genuinely stoked on skiing. Whether he’s slaying handrails, winning slopestyle contests or filming segments, Henrik loves to ski. He’s known for his sickly smooth style, ability to make the unnatural spinnable and his XXL garbs.

Born in Stockholm, Henrik didn’t strap on his first pair of skis until he was ten years old. But after seeing Jon Olsson take a lap though the park in Are, he was hooked. Influenced by Tanner Hall, Mike Hornbeck and Tom Wallisch, Henrik learned from the best and developed a style all his own.

It’s convenient that his family is in the champagne business, because Henrik is expected to be spraying many a bottle from the podium. At the age of 16, Henrik has already notched some prestigious wins and is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most creative and promising young skiers in the industry.

As Henrik says, “Why spend much time on anything other than skiing? It’s the funnest thing in the whole world.”

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