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Pep Fujas

Birthday: 1982-Nov-22
Nation:  USA


Оптика - Oakley
Крепления - Marker
Лыжи - K2

Pep Fujas

Pep Fujas is considered one of the most innovative skiers in the industry. The quiet kid from Oregon exhibits ability and style that defies classification-as equally fluid on a line as he is off a kicker; almost as comfortable skiing backwards as he is facing down the mountain. He was one of the first skiers to land switch in powder, and he has his own signature trick called the Pep Roll. While he can hold his own in the competition arena (he has a silver from WX 2003 Slopestyle), he definitely prefers to spend his days filming in the backcountry. In 2004, Pep won Breakthrough Performer and Best Trick at the Powder Video Awards. Not only does Pep have his own pro-model ski called the K2 Fujative, but his own wine label called, Pep’s Pinot.

Currently, Pep is filming with Nimbus Independent, who attempts to share a perspective on skiing that makes it more fun and enjoyable for everyone. To break from the standard format of pro skiers hitting jump after jump with a couple of contrived lifestyle segments, to producing film projects that show what ski culture is and the community it creates. It’s about friends and family sharing a passion for something they love to do. Being inclusive and not exclusive, trying to share their love for a sport that has given them so much, that they want to give back.

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