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Mark Abma

Birthday: 1980-Mar-3
Nation:  Canada
Web: http://www.markabma.com/
Tags: фрирайд фристайл горные лыжи


Лыжи - Salomon

Mark Abma

Favourite trick: Cab 5
Scariest skiing moment: Hearing my buckle come undone while I'm shredding the gnar
Ski-related injuries: N/A
Why you ski: For the ladies
When not on the mountain you're... Working, Biking, hittin' the gym
Accomplishments you are most proud of: Skiing 9 months of the year
Career related accomplishments: 4th U.S Open Big Air, 5th U.S Open Slopestlye
Claim to fame: Dr. Jeckle / Mr.Hyde
Favourite Scents: When my sense of smell is halfways functioning…. BBQ’d steak with some bulls eye
Favourite Drink: Alcoholic- Unchilled homebrew on an early mornin’
Favourite Drink: Non-Alcoholic- Bolthouse
Favourite Food: Sushi, fosho…. raw fish and variety
Favourite Junk Food: On a late night, a 7-Eleven hotdog with nacho cheese
Someone I look up to: Josh Dueck
Quirky or little known fact: I love lamp
What are you afraid of: Cottage cheese

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