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Thibaud Duchosal

Thibaud Duchosal

Французский апологет фрирайда. Взращённый в Лез Аркс, как и многие другие дети из долины, начал со слалома и других классических горнолыжных дисциплин, а потом переключился на исследование близлежащих диких склонов. Увлечение превратилось в профессию. Начиная с поездок в Шотландию и Узбекистан, Тибо стал путешествовать по всему миру.
2009 год стал успешным в FWT, однако дальнейший прокресс остановила травма ПКС, традиционный хлой рок, преследующий лыжников. После операции на связке и последовавшей за этим реабилитации снова в строю.

Being on the mountain with Thibaud you are aware of his respect for his natural environment. Always being safety conscious, but knowing how to choose the best lines. Like the descent down the Face Nord on the last day of the season. No tracks. Blue skies. 3 of us and a photographer. Thibaud leading the way skilfully and gracefully down one of his favourite garden rides. His enthusiasm for the mountain in all her forms is infectious, and as he says “We should respect the mountain; it is a school of life which brings both pleasure and rigour. We have to show her respect and never underestimate her.”

Too many Sunday freeriders, keen to try out the latest tricks they’ve seen on video clips, or armed with the latest gear and gadgets, think they know it all – they jump off into the unknown with no thought of safety, for themselves or for others. Perhaps being from living at the base of a glacier Thibaud sees things for what they really are. The need to have respect and admiration for your surroundings. The mountain, a second mother figure has given him the chance to travel the world, to meet new people and communities – the mountain who enables him to reflect the different images – look at the reflection in his mask, these images fill Thibaud’s mind – mountains, mountains and mountains; waiting to be explored.

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