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"DropStitch" is the first European girls snowboard film to be made and features some of the world's best professional snowboarders including Olympic medal winners and International Champions. DropStitch is directed by World No 3 ranked halfpipe rider Lesley McKenna - "The motivation for me to make this film is that I wanted to show people what it is like to be a professional snowboarder. Snowboarding is such a great lifestyle and I hope by making DropStitch we can motivate other girls to get involved in the sport. Now there is a really strong field of international female snowboarders that travel, live and ride together and I felt their efforts, trials and tribulations deserved to be documented"

12 rider sections: Featured Riders include Natasza Zurek, Kjersti Buaas, Tina Birbaum, Stine Brun Kjeldaas, Vera Janssen Torah Bright, Lisa Filzmoser, Emily Akerblom amongst others.
Trip Sections: New Zealand, Iceland, Czech Republic, USA, Europe
Extras: Injury Section, Team Sections, Disco Dancing, Competition riding, Photo Gallery plus more Running time: Main feature - 45 min. Total Running time - 60min+




Ранг Имя Видео Страна
443 Torah Bright 3 Австралия
640 Lesley McKenna 1 Великобритания
291 Cheryl Maas 5 Нидерланды
328 Jenny Jones 4 Великобритания
299 Vera Janssen 4 Германия
377 Natasza Zurek 3 Польша
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