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Romain DeMarchi

Год рождения: 1979-Oct-11
Страна:  Швейцария
Стили: сноуборд

Romain DeMarchi

Growing up outside Geneva in Southern Switzerland, from humble beginnings, Romain de Marchi has gone on to become arguably one of the most influential contemperary riders ever to hit the World stage – epitomizing aggression riding and pioneering big mountain power freestyle along with Travis Rice. There is no backwards in coming forwards with Romain, both on and off the hill – it’s pedal to the metal, no hold’s barred, speed is your friend! Growing up under the tutorlage of Jim from ‘Pulp’ in Geneva, the riding crew of David Pitschi, Darius Heristchien and Jonas Emery pushed the envelope and developed their skills almost from when they could walk – all of them going onto successful Pro carree\rs. Joining the then on fire Airwalk Team, including the likes of Frederik Sarvell, Terro Ainonen, Rojer Helmstadstuen – Romain riding started to explode. Having been a cycling champion in his youth (he still has a crammed trophey cabinet at his parents place), it is little wonder that many people considered him to have ‘legs of steel’ - something necessarry considering he often went half as big again as everyone else on any given kicker. Go big or go home – he generally stayed out late, very late indeed. As his riding style, every time he gets on a board big things happen, but laterally clearing the US Open Halfpipe and several of the Hemsedal and Snowboarder sessions come to mind. But it was while filming for Absinthe’s “POP” in Utah with Travis Rice on Chad’s Gap that his most famous shot came from. After two days of building the in run and kicker, he nailed the gap and earning more covers than any other single shot since Ingemar Backman’s b/s air in Riksgransen in 1996 (7 covers world wide). In fact, it is hard to prove and harder to imagine a single snowboard publication in the world that Romain has not graced the cover at least once over the last 10 years. Play hard, party hard – and there has been plenty of that in it’s time. Romain is one of the enigma’s of the sport, true to his passion and true to his word. He is one of a kind...

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