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Alterna Films was created in 1999 by Producer Jake Sarafian and Director Carlo Wein. Our first film under the Alterna name was called "The Struggle" the following year Carlo bought out Jake Sarafian and began producing the films on his own. He produced "Still Struggling" and then began working alongside Darcy Wittenburg and Colin Jones for the films "Breaking Ground" & "Reflection" In 2004 Alterna grew with a few new faces in the production of the project "Fast Food" Carlo assumed the duties of Producer/Director for the film and teamed up with the graphics and marketing team We The Collective Design Studios Inc. to add better production value to the project. In 2005 the entire Alterna crew which now includes Carlo Wein, Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones, Bryant Bell and John Scarth created "Shrediquette" which is getting International acclaim and is being distributed on an international level through various mediums. Alterna films are not only available on DVD but are now being shown globally on FUEL TV and are also available to download for the Ipod (video pod) and other portable devices.

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